Martin Luther King Jr. Day Event

On January 15th, A Book a Day participated in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event at Lucien E. Blackwell Recreation Center in West Philadelphia. Community partners in this event included Literacy and More, A New Dawn, and Mill Creek Community Partnership. 

ABaD selected and purchased 143 new, recently published books to bring to the event. At the recreation center, amidst other activities, including the distribution of warm winter coats and healthy food as well as read-alouds by members of the Book Bank, our team of staff and volunteers set up a table covered with appealing and interesting books for a variety of ages. 

One of our favorite responses was that of Jace, age 6, whose reply to the question “What do you like to read?” was, “All the books in the whole wide world!”

We are so happy that ABaD could participate in the day’s meaningful activities, and we look forward to participating next year!

A Book a Day is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.