“During the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, ABAD donated books that we were able to offer families during a time of difficult remote learning…Our collaboration has also supported teen youth groups around themes that speak to identity and all the things that make one unique and special. These engagements not only foster an increased love of reading for children and youth, but they also inspire children to wonder, write, and even express their hopes and dreams.  The literature and selections afford so many opportunities for children to make connections and see images that reflect themselves. It is clear and evident to me that A Book a Day is making a sizable difference in local schools and communities.”

– Regina M. Bynum, M. Ed
Director of Teaching and Learning
Netter Center for Community Partnerships
University of Pennsylvania

“Books for Smiles, funded by A Book a Day, featured newly-published books emphasizing diversity. Penn Dental Medicine was able to get books into the hands of Philadelphia school children thru our community sites, including Puentes de Salud. The Books for Smiles program was particularly helpful during the pandemic as most schools remained virtual or hybrid. Sadly, school libraries continue to take a back seat in the Philadelphia public schools in terms of funding allocations, and the ABAD program has really filled a void. The joy that radiated from the education director at the Puentes de Salud Health Center was priceless upon hearing that more than seventy new books being donated were going to be in Spanish or bi-lingual text.”

– Shabnam Sedaghat, DMD
Clinical Associate | Division of Community Oral Health
Penn Dental Medicine at Sayre Health Center
Penn Smiles Mobile Health Center

“A Book A Day draws together our multicultural & multilingual community. They build our school library collections. They support our children’s identities and interests. They uplift our children’s voices. Through the projects of ABAD, West Philadelphian families get to experience, celebrate, and create children’s literature reflective of their life experiences.”

– Rachel Robinson
Children’s Librarian
Kingsessing Free Library

“The books selected by Mrs. Benatova are wonderful hardcover books that children can handle and stick in their book bags and read again and again. These books are exposing our students to their own culture and to others’. We have also been recipients of books that highlight identity. These books give the population of our school and Lea (the second school that benefits) the chance to find books that reflect themselves or their culture. Yet another high mark from Penn Alexander, which is made up of approximately 20 different cultures and respects and affirms identity…It is through programs such as this, giving one the chance to see books from someone else’s perspective and not just the ones that are the main thrust of every book company, that one really has the opportunity to experience something new and exciting. This program provides our students with books that the Penn Alexander school library budget could not cover. I cannot speak loudly enough to share my enthusiasm and gratefulness for the Book a Day Program, as run by Sibylla Benatova!”

– Jayne M. Downing
Librarian, Penn Alexander School
MSLS, MEd, BSED, National Board Certified Teacher

“A Book A Day is one of our school’s most treasured partners, and not only for the amazing books, programs, and resources they provide for our students, families, and staff. They enact the principles of partnership, cooperation, and community in everything that they do. It is evident in their intentional collaboration with our school’s administrators, educators, and students when designing their programming, as well as in their commitment to serve and celebrate the many communities that make up our school community. The extent of their contributions to our school is incalculable…Put simply, A Book A Day helps make our school special. Through donated books, artist visits, mural projects, writing contests, and more, A Book A Day helps our students explore their passions and possibilities. My only wish is that every school could have a partner like A Book A Day––or better yet, be able to partner with A Book A Day themselves!”

– Richard Liuzzi
Community Partnerships Coordinator
Henry C. Lea Elementary School
Lea-Penn Liaison  |  Penn Graduate School of Education

“In partnership with ABaD, [LGBT] the Center has strengthened ties to our West Philadelphia neighbors through literacy, purposeful inclusion, and the joy of reading…Plus, ABaD is helping us grow the children’s section of our reading room so we can better serve LGBTQ+ parents both on campus and in the community. Our staff has also benefited from our partnership, as a handful of students assist ABaD as part of their Center work-study positions…the Center is thrilled to partner with and endorse ABaD.”

– Erin Cross
Director, Penn LGBT Center

A Book a Day is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.