Philly FIGHT

In March, A Book a Day donated six hundred brand new, diverse children’s books to new partner Philly FIGHT, which provides essential healthcare, education, research, and advocacy services for people living with or at high risk for HIV/AIDS. We commit to doubling this number by the end of 2024. 

A Book a Day curated a selection of largely Spanish books with a focus on LGBTQ+ narratives that reflect the children’s languages and cultures. The titles range from board books to young adult books, in order to make sure that each young reader is able to find a story that speaks to them. The majority of the donated titles go directly to children visiting Philly FIGHT, who are invited to take them home to keep as part of their own personal libraries. The remaining books will stay on site to form a collection at Philly FIGHT to be enjoyed by all. 

In collaboration with Philly FIGHT, A Book a Day designed special bookplates highlighting the partnership between our two organizations. We are thrilled to continue and develop our active engagement with medical centers and independent organizations that support immigrant youth. 

Check out some of the donated titles below:

A Book a Day is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.