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Thembi Palmer

• May 23, 2023

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Things You Should Know 

You should know not 

to look to others… 

To feel good enough. 

To be ready enough. 

To stay strong enough. 

To stand tall enough. 

You should know there will be times… 

When you will feel alone. 

When you think it’s not worth it. 

When it looks too hard. 

When it seems too scary. 

You should know… 

That this happens to all of us. 

That it is totally normal. 

That you’re not the only one. 

That things can get better.

But the main thing you should know is… 

Fear doesn’t define you. 

Your mistakes make you better. Your power comes from within. You can achieve what seems 


And more importantly, KNOW THIS… Nothing comes easy, but when you put in the work, 

great things are in your future!

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