Archive of Letters and Voices • Courtney Dunlap

Courtney Dunlap

• May 3, 2022

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Whoever You May Be,

If you could write your life’s story, what would we read?

Would you be a brave explorer, trekking across unchartered terrain? 

Would you be a conductor, leading the harmonious sounds of an exquisite symphony?

Would you be a scientist using the scientific method along with your brilliant mind to make a groundbreaking discovery?

Or, would you simply be you, whoever that may be? No matter who you might become or wherever your life’s journey leads you, you are exactly who you are meant to be! 

You are enough.

You are kind.

You are brave.

You make mistakes.

And you try again.

You see, the funny thing about this life is any of these stories could very well be your own! You are capable of extraordinary things. Your imagination and your dreams are full of limitless possibilities! 

They can become real. They can be YOUR story!

And then one day, whenever that may be, you will look back over your life’s story and think to yourself…what a masterpiece! 

Shine bright, 


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