Archive of Letters and Voices • Xelena Gonzalez

Xelena Gonzalez

• July 2020

• Of the Sun

Child of the sun,

you’ve been blessed since birth

Your skin is akin

to our brown Mother Earth


She kisses your hands

and guards every step

Even in dreams,

you are carefully kept


For a promise was made

to ancestors before you

who brought life to the land

with the bounty they grew


Corn, avocado, squash,

and tomatoes,

chocolate, vanilla,

beans, and potatoes


The list goes on

These foods fed so many

All over the world

There was suddenly plenty!


Thousands came to these lands

looking for a new life

For some, it meant riches

For others, much strife


But the land is the keeper

of original story

She protects all the tribes

who once shared her glory


Your people were here

since the first rising sun

Your tie to la tierra

cannot be undone


Mestiza, Hispanic,

Latinx, Chicano

Illegal, Indian

migrant, Mexicano–


Whatever they call you

is merely a name

Your bloodline, your story

remains just the same.


Flags will fly, maybe die

and leaders will change

But your bond to this land

will always remain


From Yámana down south

to Inuit in the north

The land’s First People

will keep pushing forth


To survive and to thrive

despite changing days

holding on to their customs

while learning new ways


If you’ve planted your roots

or traveled quite far

always remember

deep down who you are


Indigenous. Native.

On this land, you may roam

Wherever life takes you

That means you are home

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