Dulce María Carral

I am an industrial engineer, who is truly passionate about art. Five years ago, I transitioned from being an engineer to a web designer. In 2013 I started working on user interfaces, user experiences, and visual design for different clients in my small tech firm in Mexico City. Two years ago my husband Juan and me moved to Philadelphia, for my husband’s MBA.  This gave me the opportunity to fully explore my artistic abilities by enrolling into multiple art classes at Penn Fine Arts.  This semester I had the opportunity to participate in the Children’s Picture Book class with Professor Perky Edgerton.  By joining this class, I discovered a whole new wonderful world that I can’t wait to explore more, Picture Books.

When I read a book, I always read the last page first because I love seeing how stories end before I start. Thanks to my engineering background, which gives me systematic way of thinking, I created an innovative structure for my book.  Two ferret tales is a book that you can start reading from the beginning or the end.

This is a story about two ferrets. One is smart, impatient and always tries to be on time. The other one is relaxed, curious, friendly, and enjoys the moment. The two ferrets are supposed to meet in the banyan tree at noon, but unexpected things happen before they meet. Sometimes we have plans to do something great, but life surprises us with the unexpected. I wrote and illustrated this book in one of the most complicated situations in my life.  I was expecting something great to happen but my dream didn’t come true. I didn’t give up, I accepted it, learned from it, and used the power of metaphor to represent what was happening to me and created something great: “Two ferret tales”.

I hope that you enjoy my book as much as I did writing and illustrating it.

Two Ferret Tales

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